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This Scrapbook is an online-only collection of articles, photos, newsletters, and other memorabilia from the River Terrace neighborhood in the far-Northeast section of Washington, DC, USA. The purpose of this Scrapbook is to collect River Terrace history as remembered by its residents. This Scrapbook is freely available to anyone who has access to a web browser. However, this Scrapbook was designed so that former and current River Terrace residents can easily share their River Terrace memories with other River Terracers. Please help this Scrapbook grow by following the instructions below to submit your River Terrace history.

Note that this Scrapbook is not designed to be an encyclopedia on River Terrace. For a five-page encyclopedia-style history of the River Terrace neighborhood, see https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/River_Terrace%2C_Washington%2C_D.C.

Anyone can explore this Scrapbook by clicking on one of the 12 photo categories below that interests you, or by using the Scrapbook’s search feature. Enjoy your trip down “Memory Lane.”

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